MIRSURG Mid-Infrared Solid-State Laser Systems for Minimally Invasive Surgery
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Bright solutions srl, Italy

Bright Solutions srl was started in 1998 as a spin-off of the Laser Source Laboratory (LSL) of the University of Pavia, Department of Electronics. The close connection with the LSL is maintained by professors Giancarlo Reali and Antonio Agnesi, who are also in the Company’s board of directors.

Bright Solutions has presently 16 employees, half of them skilled opto-electronic engineers with long-time experience in the design and realization of diode-pumped solid-state lasers of all kinds (cw, Q-switched, mode-locked with ps and fs pulses, harmonic and parametric conversion).
Since its founding, the Company has been pursuing intense and high-quality research activity in the field of solid-state lasers, filing 15 international patents (half of them already granted), and collaborating with research laboratories and institutions, national and abroad (including participation as a subcontractor in the EU projects ALADIN and WALES). The main products of Bright Solutions, based on proprietary technology, are: diode-pumped multi-kHz Q-switched solid-state lasers (up to 40 W output power), short-pulse (<500 ps) kHz lasers with pulse energy of few mJ, and high-brightness fiber-coupled diode lasers (up to 100 W).