MIRSURG Mid-Infrared Solid-State Laser Systems for Minimally Invasive Surgery
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EUROSCAN Instruments S.A., Belgium

Euroscan Instruments S.A., a spin-off of the University of Namur, was founded in 1992 as a transformation of the company Survac, initially created to develop ultra-high vacuum technology and surface analysis spectroscopy, to a “S.A.” (Société Anonyme). This change resulted from the participation in the EU funded project BRITE in partnership with the University of Namur, with the task to develop a high resolution electron energy loss spectrometer (HREELS) as a product.

Euroscan offers services for the maintenance, the reconditioning, and the upgrade of electron spectrometers for X-ray photo-electron spectroscopy (XPS), and HREELS.
Since 2000, the company has diversified its activity towards the realization of optical systems, by developing a laser spectrometer for the surface analysis. In the framework of these efforts, Euroscan has patented an all solid state method for mode locking a flash-lamp pumped Nd:YAG laser. Based on that patent, Euroscan manufactures SPOPOs tunable from the UV (210 nm) to the mid-IR spectral range up to 20 µm. Euroscan is the only manufacturer worldwide of a pulsed ps SPOPO based on AGS which is closely related to the tasks in the present activity. The further list of laser related products contains: autocorrelators for the measurement of ps pulses, ns OPO tunable from 210 nm to 20 µm, with a bandwidth of a few cm-1 to a 0.01 cm-1, optionally optimized either for maximum pulse energy, maximum power or high resolution, as well as SFG spectrometers. Euroscan is in particular specialized in the integration of OPOs in spectrometers.