MIRSURG Mid-Infrared Solid-State Laser Systems for Minimally Invasive Surgery
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LISA Laser Products OHG

LISA Laser Products OHG was founded in 1989 in Katlenburg-Lindau (Germany) by Dr. P. Fuhrberg and Dr. H.-O. Teichmann. The main operating areas are medical and industrial laser systems for a variety of applications. LISA was the first company to offer a continuously operating high power solid-state laser system emitting at 2 µm wavelength. LISA is still the only company to offer such a laser system for medical purposes. These systems are based on diode pumped solid state lasers and deliver more than 100 W of output power at 2 µm wavelength. Since 1999 LISA offers an industrial laser system for welding of transparent thermoplastic materials. LISA has gained an EU Patent on this process.

Further, LISA has built a prototype of a 2 µm laser system for wake vortex detection based on the Doppler principle. This Q-switched laser system operates at a single frequency in the fundamental transversal mode delivering pulse energies up to 10 mJ.
LISA has successfully participated in various research programs on cw and pulsed 2 µm laser systems. Some were granted by the German ministry of research. The development of a demonstrator for wake vortex detection has been supported by the EC in the frame of the IWAKE project within FP5. At the time LISA is engaged in the VERTIGO project within FP6.